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Forer was skeptical, and claimed that it would be possible to achieve equally impressive-looking results from a blind reading, without a handwriting sample. The statements are broadly applicable to most people, and generally flattering, but not in a blatant way, instead recasting negatives as positives. So the final example statement above will apply to anyone unless they are extroverted absolutely all the time or introverted absolutely all of the time.

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Someone who is self-critical might be under the mistaken impression that this is a fairly unusual trait specific to them, if they perceive other people as being self-confident on the outside. Horoscopes exploit the Barnum effect. It is obviously difficult to divide the population into twelve groups and write specific descriptions of each group that ring true for most of the people in it. Horoscope writers get around this problem consciously or unconsciously by making the descriptions vague and flattering, so most people, regardless of their star sign, can read a description and believe it applies specifically to them.

The Barnum effect is not the only cognitive bias involved with belief in horoscopes. Confirmation bias also plays a large part, in that people will be on the lookout for situations in the coming week that match the horoscope prediction, and will notice and remember them. In a experiment by Bernie I. Silverman, subjects were given twelve horoscope descriptions and asked to pick the ones that best described themselves. If they were told which horoscope went with which star sign, they tended to pick the one that went with their own star sign, but if they were not told which horoscope was which, there was no link between the ones they picked and their actual star sign.

Another application of the Barnum effect is in cold reading. What kinds of statements are most prone to the Barnum effect? Which is the best example of the Barnum effect out of the following personality descriptions?

How the Barnum Effect can make you choose the wrong college major

Enter your email to receive result:. Barnum Effect by S. Squad December 20, What is the Barnum Effect? While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved.

Cold Reading Another application of the Barnum effect is in cold reading. Quiz 1. They gave a score of 4. The test subjects were ready and willing to accept generalized descriptions of their personality… as long as they would fit into their world view and belief system. People will believe that certain vague statements fit their personality… if they are vague enough. And this is how you can make this insight work for you when you want to build rapport with a woman :. When you phrase the statements in a certain vague-ish way, women will positively wish for them to be the truth.

He had named it after the world-renowned circus entertainer and fraudster, PT Barnum. You bet! And guess what? The Barnum technique will work. In other words, a woman wants to feel that she is unique. One of a kind. You know, a special creation.

A nswer these questions for me:. For most people, it will be more than one. Or maybe all. You can say that they are pretty much universal! To seduce a woman, you simply need to make her believe that you have a deep emotional bond with her. You guessed it — by using Barnum Statements on her. And this, my friend, is the crux of the Barnum Effect — it will get her to trust you wholeheartedly. You know, observe things like her age, social status, ethnicity, make-up, amount and type of jewelry, body language, general demeanor, posture…. Pay particular attention to age.

A FOOL BORN EVERY MINUTE - Mentalism 101 - Barnum Statements

They will always accept positive statements about themselves. Correspondingly, they will always reject negative statements about themselves. Yes, you read that right. Women will accept and agree with positive statements even if they are completely false. You know, someone that knows her own mind and is a beautiful force of nature. Some people refer to this as Congruency. Notably, Fractionation is also the technique used in Hollywood movies and romance novels which make them so addictive to women.

To learn how you can use Fractionation and other Mind Control tactics to increase the effectiveness of your Barnum Statements, watch my free Masterclass by clicking here :.

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The Barnum effect- Your horoscope just came in: There really is a sucker born every minute!

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Barnum Statements - How To Induce The "Barnum Effect" On Women

I will be continuing to follow your material with great enthusiasm as it applies directly to my interests. And thank you for your time and consideration in reading this message. Looking forward to hearing from you you soon. A man attempting to use Pollyanna Barnum statements combined with emotional-boat-rocking fractionation techniques, on another man, in a business setting, is likely to get you looked at strangely, laughed at, or punched in the face.

Am I wrong? Turn her into a close friend and have an non-sexual friendship?

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