Astrology sign taurus personality traits

They appreciate routine and anything that makes them feel more secure. Commitment IS a word they understand down to the tippies of their toes. This makes them well-connected to family and friends, and expressive of their feelings in this setting.

2. They are selfish.

They also have unusually long attention spans. Read the full Taurus Child astrological profile.

21 Secrets of the TAURUS Personality ♉

Your Taurus girl is devoted to friends and family. However, that gentle demeanor goes out the window if someone steps over her boundaries. She will assert herself in short order. For those your daughter loves, however, there is a whole different interplay, one that is selectively social and very warm-hearted. Once your daughter trusts she will move heaven and earth to protect that circle of people.

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Read the full Taurus Girl personality profile. The Taurus boy is similar to a girl in that he likes financial stability. That piggy bank will see a lot of use over the years, and rarely, if ever, be wholly empty.

Taurus Love and Sex

And, this is a kid who knows how to stick their heels in for the long haul if something is important to them. For their personal space your son will want consistency. There are items that, to him, provide comfort and security. Do not move those or change those without a lengthy discussion as to why and even then be ready for a lot of huffing.

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Read the full Taurus Boy personality profile. The Bull does well at work because employers know they are accommodating and dependable, and also have good business sense. Jobs that require a single focus best suit the Taurus personality. Taurus enjoys an animal companion that moves at slower paces. The fuzzy rabbit, a lounging cat, or even a lapdog might do the trick. They also enjoy comfortable outdoor activities like having a gourmet barbecue with friends, taking slow leisurely walks or visiting botanical sites.

But keep them away from critters that do unexpected things. The random jumping of a frog or flying of a beetle. Taurus personalities do not like surprises, least of all things that go bump in the night.

7 Taurus personality traits to understand your fellow bulls

The Bull has a great love for both practicality and luxury so if you can mix these two together — all the better. Get a set of fine spices for their kitchen useful but a fling for the tastebuds. Music is also an excellent choice since they can share it with others, and continue enjoying it for years to come.

A Taurus partner tends to get stuck in a rut in their committed relationships. A negative Taurus will plod into the living room after a hard day of work- they will grunt hello- then plop down into the easy chair with a beer, and spend the rest of the evening watching TV. If anything- or anyone- tries to take them out of this routine, they will be very disgruntled. Try suggesting a new place to go to, or even a new sex position to spice it up in the bedroom.

Taurus Men Characteristics

Even though they are highly sexual creatures this is one great way to get their attention by the way , they are very uncomfortable with the unknown. A Taurus tends to be very possessive of both their material goods and their partners. People ruled by Taurus can often be very successful in their careers, but a negative Taurus will always prefer a reliable income over a hard-hitting and dynamic job. They need the extra incentive to move up in the world. They also won't quit a relationship, even way after its beyond its prime.

Improving themselves must always involve some kind of material payoff. Due to their already stocky nature and love of rich cuisine, such as meats, cheeses and alcohol, it is very easy for a Taurus to put on weight. While known for their affinity towards physically engaging sports and hard work, their lazy side will make it hard for a negative Taurus to reach their ideal body image.

Due to their natural connection to their physical side, a Taurus is quite the perfectionist when It comes to their image. Even a less than attractive Taurus will expect their partner to be fit, firm and in manicured condition.

Zodiac Signs and the Words That Describe Them

They will have no dearth of diet, exercise and self-improvement advice for their friends and partners. An appropriate term for a negative Taurus is emotionally constipated maybe its all the meat and cheese. If you take a Taurus to a party, you can be sure they will be looking exceptionally dapper. However, they will sit in the corner the whole time and not speak a word to anyone but you.

On the outside, a typical Taurus will appear good natured and easy going and rather simple-minded. Within them, however, is a storehouse of complex repressed emotions and desires. They are naturally dominant and will argue until they get their way. Follow Us.